Standard Franchise Fee: $68,000.00
This includes:
-All the proprietary equipment needed to operate: High Capacity tea brewer, cup sealer, Point of sale machine, tea-coffee espresso machine combination, tea barrels and other miscellaneous items.

-Training (local) and opening week support.

-You will be taught: food & drink prep, food safety, extensive product knowledge, marketing strategies, inventory control and the miscellaneous items required for day to day operations.

-We will also provide several store designs and layouts based on the operating footprint of the location that you have chosen.

Royalty fee: 5% based on the monthly gross (this will be due by the 8th of each month).

Franchise term: 48 months, the contract terms and conditions can be renegotiated before renewing your contract.

Other costs:
-Warehousing:  A simple 15ft x 15ft climate controlled room will be sufficient
-Store build out: The franchisee has total control on the cost of the build out, you will be able to go as low (or high) as your budget dictates.   Chatime will provide the store design and layout as previously stated.

Financial assistance available upon request. Terms and information subject to change without notice.